The main work of Albatross Aeronautics is the design and manufacturing of Unmanned Air Vehicles. The current market of UAVs is just rising with a constant activity and will have a high growth rate in the following years, becoming a basic part of the aeronautical technology far into the future. The advantages of a UAV compared to the manned vehicles are so obvious: as no human life is necessary to operate it, the weight is reduced, there are no restrictions for maneuvering and it is possible to carry out missions in hostile environments (high altitude, high radiation, in chemical dangerous environments, or during long time without refueling). Besides, the fuel consumption is also much lower, therefore UAVS are more ecological.

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Our Products

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    Design, manufacturing and marketing of UAVs capable of interacting between them and in a self-governed way.

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    The autopilot of Antares Project is optimized in order to carry out self-governed flights, performing missions of security control and vigilance, and is able to make autonomous decisions depending on the type of mission that the airplane designated for.

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    Albaero is also developing a long range video and data transmission system (range of more than 25 miles) for high quality imaging or any other required data.

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Our Services


Albatross Aeronautics provides also services in aerodynamical and structural concept design, and all the engineering areas regarding aeronautical design. The same analytical, internally developed calculation models than FEM and CFD calculations are offered as a natural product derived from our activity.