The main objective of Aeronautics S.L. Albatross is a position in the emerging market for unmanned aircraft, offering a range of products and services in line with current needs.

Although Albatross Aeronatuics S.L. was set up recently, the company is rising strong and firmly supported by the technical background of their members, with wide experience in several fields of the aeronautical, spatial, and system automation areas and providing competitive engineering products in the global market. The objective performances of the project have been defined based in a deep market research.

The main activity of Albatross Aeronautics S.L. is the design and manufacturing of aeronautical structures, autopilot systems and ground stations for the control and guidance of vigilance missions. An activity currently being developed is the intelligent coordination of several self-governed UAVs.

Albatross Aeronautics S.L. can join the particular requirements of their customers regarding specific sensors for selected missions, such as diverse thermal cameras, chemical captors, atmospherical measurement probes…

Albatross Aeronautics is represented by a group of specialists in several areas: industrial computing, electronic, telecommunications, aeronautics and testing, whose aim is to provide services to the different aeronautical sectors among their different areas.

Inside Albatross Aeronautics, other divisions provide consultant services in aerodynamic models, certification of Aeronautical projects, consultancy in industrial computing and so on.